CSIR NET JRF Life Sciences | Suggestions for Beginners

Hello friends.. Here is the important suggestions for CSIR NET JRF LIFE SCIENCE BEGINNERS.

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More from Masters of Botany:

If you are preparing for below mentioned universities watch the similar video as link is given..!!

1. Ravenshaw University 2016 (M.Sc. Botany): https://youtu.be/dfFVkzY8aM0

2. Utkal University 2016 (M.Sc. Botany): https://youtu.be/fGXiIoM4Iy4

3. Maharshi Dayanand University 2018 (M.Sc. Life Science): https://youtu.be/L6Y0p3WbxDo

4. University of Hyderabad 2019 (M.Sc. Plant Biology & Biotechnology): https://youtu.be/Dggj4bHgPxw

5. University of Kalyani 2019 (M.Sc. Botany): https://youtu.be/_dY3LCYOPv4

6. Delhi University 2015 (M.Sc. Botany, Part-1): https://youtu.be/PBZa-ltcqjo

7. Delhi University 2015 (M.Sc. Botany,Part-2):https://youtu.be/51wfHfW8iLo

8. Delhi University 2015 (M.Sc. Botany,Part-3):https://youtu.be/Ovg8DPnvjCQ

9. Central Universities Common Entrance Test 2019 (CUCET- Msc Life Science ): https://youtu.be/FOuJRDMm7xE

10.Banaras Hindu University 2012 (M.Sc. Botany)

Part-1 : https://youtu.be/_IwrZO3PyuU
Part-2 :https://youtu.be/2vd5C9EMRL0
Part-3 :https://youtu.be/gaWwBwwkE28
Part-4 :https://youtu.be/K9dF4t8OgYk
Part-5 :https://youtu.be/LwRxnB0Sm88
Part-6 :https://youtu.be/ab9umtPvcBk
Part-7 :https://youtu.be/lkjzDcnU3KY
Part-8 :https://youtu.be/q1omx_-iyU4
Part-9 :https://youtu.be/pVzZHrXGyfA
Part-10 :https://youtu.be/7tpgoyKpUpo
Part-11 :https://youtu.be/a4ryJ4iXp9I
Part-12 :https://youtu.beABKRo_Lb6dg
Part-13 :https://youtu.be/qqCI9r4IaOs
Part-14 :https://youtu.be/j4t-Bi8BwQA
Part-15 :https://youtu.be/-Qc3C10F66s


Important topics for Banaras Hindu University M.Sc. Botany Entrance Exam:

We have analyzed all the question papers and found that there are 18 topics for your preparation.

1. Algae: https://youtu.be/gtzPbCYjL6U
2. Fungi: https://youtu.be/jK22_7WYVQ8
3. Lichen: https://youtu.be/XnrdWP3XfZg
4. Bryophyte: https://youtu.be/_3BXxd_ujPg
5. Pteridophyte: https://youtu.be/jNm8cNWUaBE
6. Gymnosperm: https://youtu.be/ln2u14ewzC4
7. Angiosperm: https://youtu.be/qtwQQ1GcZp4
8. Embryology: https://youtu.be/p-uuhcG3QCM
9. Anatomy: https://youtu.be/xJfL1xC3k3c
10. Cytology: https://youtu.be/qWuxmalAgis
11. Biochemistry: https://youtu.be/v9900woAKDw
12. Molecular Biology: https://youtu.be/DpKasRFLfAg
13. Genetics & Plant Breeding: https://youtu.be/RHv0nWNjvX4
14. Biotechnology and Plant Tissue Culture: https://youtu.be/RBsK2-LSvAs
15. Ecology: https://youtu.be/Y_koUxmq_X0
16. Evolution: https://youtu.be/_zqlfflB3C8
17. Microbiology: https://youtu.be/RWJOkkxuQhM
18. Plant Physiology: https://youtu.be/euw9HdIASWM

Interested to watch more videos from this channel:

1. Lecture about classification of Plants, Important Books: https://youtu.be/TN2xSfukLkQ

2. Lecture about Algae and Fungi characters: https://youtu.be/qcWMKVfzBhQ

3. Lecture about Algal groups: https://youtu.be/fwity2ORiVk

4. Lecture about Fungal groups: https://youtu.be/ZaG_2VR7Q8k

5. Lecture about Bryophytes: https://youtu.be/kMh8xxykvWo

6. Fungal important topics: https://youtu.be/-9K9tzuUEDg

7. How to read plant families for exam: https://youtu.be/jcD2JKlebns

8. M.Sc. Botany Entrance | Angiosperm Families (Ranunculaceae, Nymphaeaceae, Nelumbonaceae, Magnoliaceae, Annonaceae) | Important Notes: https://youtu.be/SGeLAUDxz4I

9. M.Sc. Botany Entrance | Angiosperm Families (Papaveraceae, Brassicaceae also known as Cruciferae, Caryophyllaceae and Malvaceae) | Important Notes:

10. Classifications | Linnaeus | Bentham and Hooker: https://youtu.be/0sRy8VbDXyY

11. Conserved Names of families: https://youtu.be/IiilRyBFfGM

12. M.Sc. Botany Entrance | Angiosperm Families (Dipterocarpaceae, Rutaceae, Meliaceae) | Important Notes:

13. M.Sc. Botany Entrance | Angiosperm Families (Fabaceae and Rosaceae) | Important Notes:

14. M.Sc. Botany Entrance | Angiosperm Families (Myrtaceae and Lythraceae) | Important Notes:


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