CSIR NET life sciences books to follow | Best books for CSIR NET exam preparation

In this lecture CSIR NET expert Suman Bhattacharjee answers the most common question asked by CSIR aspirants that is which books to follow for the CSIR NET life science preparation. This video will provide you number of different books that you can follow for the preparation of CSIR NET life science exam both the complete books to prepare every chapter of CSIR NET syllabus and also separate books that covers different units of CSIR NET syllabus. He also explains how to get those books and the easiest way to prepare from those books. He also explains the best way to prepare from books and also states how to solve question and answers for the practice. So stay tuned and know about the CSIR NET books for the preparation. Here is the complete book list-

1. Biology concepts and connections by Campbell and Reece.
Subject wise preparation books

1. Module 1 – Biochemistry and bioenergetics – Principles of biochemistry by Nelson and Cox
this is all in one and completely sufficient for studying biochemistry in a lucid and simplified manner for the CSIR net exam.

2. Module 2 – Cell Biology – Molecular biology of the cell by Bruce Alberts
this book is one of my favourite book of all time. You cannot only find cell biology but also you will find cancer biology, cell signalling, immunology lectures in this book very well described and superbly illustrated which will be much beneficial for preparing all this topics of the CSIR UGC NET exam.

3. Module 3 – Molecular Biology – Molecular Biology of gene by Watson et. al.

4. Module 4 – Cell signaling and immunology and cancer biology – Molecular biology of the cell by Bruce Alberts and Kuby immunology or Janeways immunology
immunology is a huge subject and to read and understand the whole part of it from Kuby book will be time consuming.

5. Module 5 – Developmental Biology – Essential developmental biology by J.M.W SLACK or Developmental biology by Scot F Gilbert

6. Module 6 – Plant physiology – Principles of plant physiology by Walter Stiles
this is a good book to understand about the plant anatomy and physiology. If you are from botany background you’ve already read from this book.

7. Module 7 – Animal physiology – Human physiology by C C Chatterjee

8. Module 8 – Genetics – iGenetics by Russel, Genetics concepts and connections by Klug and cummings.
I Genetics by Russel is also efficient book for studying both classical genetics as well as molecule Genetics. But if you’re looking for preparation of the genetics problems then Klug and cummings is the best choice when you can find so many different varieties of Genetics maths problems and you can practice using the exercise section.

9. Module 9 – Diversity of life forms – Arihant publication UGC CSIR NET Life sciences book

10. Module 10 – Ecology and environmental biology – Essentials of ecology and environmental science by S.V.S. Rana
this book is fairly sufficient for the preparation and understanding of ecology and environmental biology well.

11. Module 11 – Evolutionary biology and animal behavior – Understanding evolutionary biology by Rajeev Tyagi.

12. Module 12 – Applied biology – principles of gene manipulation and genomics by Sandy B Primrose.

13. Module 13 – Methods in Biology and biological techniques – Principles and techniques of biochemistry and molecular biology by Wilson and Walker.

This is a wonderful book and it includes all the biological technique processes that would require prepare for not only CSIR net exam but also many different Biology entrance examinations.

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