CTwT E284 – CSIR NET Life Science Topper Stuti Jayesh Shah AIR 60 | GATE AIR 20

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‘Chamomile Tea with Toppers’ an initiative by Unacademy wherein we speak to various Toppers and get to know the best of the best.

National Eligibility Test or more commonly known as the NET exam is conducted twice in a year in July and December. Based on their performance the candidates are selected for Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) or Lectureship.

JRF cutoffs are higher than that of the lectureship. On today’s episode of Chamomile Tea With Toppers, we have Stuti Jayesh Shah who is the topper of CSIR NET Life Sciences with AIR 60 and GATE EY AIR 20. She has completed B.sc and M.sc in Botany, she has a keen interest in research and fellowship.

In this video, Stuti shares her CSIR NET preparation journey, CSIR NET preparation strategy, CSIR NET important resources, timeline and topper’s tips, and tricks to secure JRF in the CSIR NET Life Sciences.

Watch this to learn more about how Stuti managed to top in the prestigious exam and know some insights about the exam. Must watch for all CSIR NET 2020 and CSIR NET 2020 aspirants.

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