How to Approach General Aptitude | 5 Easy Questions which Everyone can do from Part-A | CSIR NET

The video covers how to approach aptitude part of CSIR NET Exam. The section A of exam is most under-rated, but it can help aspirants to score some extra bonus marks.
how to approach part A
how to approach General Aptitude
5 easy questions which everyone can solve
5 easy questions which everyone can approach

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00:00 – 02:33 Introduction
02:50 – 03:33 Importance of Part-A
03:33 – 06:49 Type I
06:49 – 09:34 Type II
09:34 – 17:00 Type III
17:00 – 22:43 Type IV
22:43 – 33:48 Type V
33:48 – 45:00 Analysis of DEC 2019 Paper


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