Question Bank: Seed Science and Technology

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About the Book: Question Bank: Seed Science and Technology Now-a-days, Agricultural students specializing in Seed Science and Technology are writing many competitive examinations like ASRB, Agricultural Officer, JRF, SRF, UPSC and Bank examinations. The Question Bank is Seed Science and Technology is not only enrich the knowledge, but also helps in successful winner of the tests. Keeping the gap in the publication of Question Bank in Seed Science and Technology, a sincere attempt has been made to craft objective type questions. This question bank consists of eight different parts of Seed Science and Technology like seed biology, seed production, seed processing, seed quality control, seed storage, seed health, seed industry development and marketing and protection of plant varieties. Each part consists of objective types question, like choose the correct answer, fill in the blanks, True or false, match the following, arrange in order, write the wrong answer and differentiate between information an abbreviation, important seed scientists and their contributions and National and International books and journals are also included in this book. Content Unit-1 Seed Biology 1.Floral Biology 2.Seed Development And Maturation 3.Apomixis 4.Cell Biology 5.Seed Structures 6.Chemical Composition 7.Seed Dormancy 8.Seed Germination 9.Seed Dispersal 10.Match The Following 11.Answer The Incorrect Statement 12.Arrange In Order 13.Differentiate The Followings Unit-2 Seed Production 1.Breeding Methods 2.Variety Release 3.Deterioration Of Variety 4.Seed Generation Systems 5.Seed Production Factors 6.Seed Production Planning 7.Hybrid Seed Production 8.Seed Production In Cereals 9.Seed Production In Pulses 10.Seed Production In Oilseeds 11.Seed Production Infibre Crops 12.Seed Production In Vegetables 13.Seed Production In Forage, Legumes And Grasses 14.Seed Production In Plantation Crops 15.Seed Production Of Vegetatively Propagated Crops 16.Seed Production Of Fruit Crops 17.Seed Produ

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